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We have trained over 1.3 million women and counting

The TC Women: Digital Literacy Campaign is a global collaboration between TCF and International Telecommunications Union (ITU), that empowers one of the sectors most vulnerable to poverty and its consequences — women. The campaign is delivered through a global network of partners on the ground, that includes organization in more than 86 countries.   The Digital Literacy Campaign, supports women from around the world with multiple resources from the mainstream digital revolution and the Web, by facilitating access to information and training, opportunities, and developing new choices in their communities they never had before.

The digital literacy campaign:

  • Reaches out to one million women, motivating them to become part of the telecentre movement as grassroots users, workers, or associates–and in doing so, acquire digital literacy. The campaign will enlist the support and participation of telecentres and networks all over the world. It will also provide them with content and curriculum packages for digital and eBusiness skills for community women;
  • Forms a corps of accomplished women from the academic-ICT sector to serve as mentors, tutors, and ambassadors.  They will teach and inspire telecentre women towards making digital literacy work for them. Male ICT professionals interested in joining the global mentor force are welcome to swell the ranks of tutors and ambassadors;
  • Brings in private and public sector partners, international agencies, and local stakeholders to demonstrate the role of telecentres in empowering communities. The resources, reach, linkages and audience of this world partnership will give the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign a global base with unprecedented penetration into communities of developing countries; and
  • Recognize the exemplary performance of telecenter women operators or managers and their contributions to changing the lives of women in the communities.

Want to join and support women and girls empowerment?

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