Talent is Universal | Opportunity is Not

SparkLab is a global initiative developed by Telecentre Foundation (TCF), the Government of Catalonia, and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), that seeks to unleash the full potential of individuals and communities with ICT resources, innovation and entrepreneurship. SparkLab’s  goal is to make innovation and new development opportunities available for everyone, everywhere.

SparkLab is a laboratory of civic innovation, digital and social inclusion that facilitates the participation of multiple stakeholders that together create systemic and positive change, by developing advanced uses of ICT and mobile communications, build strong and scalable businesses, and nurture local talent everywhere.

SparkLab is leading the evolution of telecentres, from public access points to a global network of entrepreneurship and innovation hubs for socio-economic development.

The SparkLab value-added solution includes a unique:

  •  Advanced technology package and developers’ platform
  •  Global network of mentors and experts 
  •  Partnership strategy and knowledge-sharing platform 
  •  Network of content providers with certification scheme
  •  Income-generating activities, and 
  •  Scholarships

SparkLab mantra: Do good and do well

SparkLab is driven by a dual social and economic mission that aims to establish an effective ecosystem, where partners can, not only contribute with material and financial resources, but also with their hearts, mind and will. These qualities are what SparkLab aims to amplify; these qualities in action are what creates new opportunities for all.

The modular structure of the SparkLab, facilitates an easy integration of local expertise and resources that secure higher levels of accuracy of projects, activities and service development that contribute to the long-term sustainability of all SparkLab initiatives.

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